My name is Kim, a Dutch award-winning travel and nature photographer with publications in f/e National Geographic Magazine and NatGeo Calendars. I won the National Geographic Photographer of the Year Benelux (2019) and qualified as a finalist in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year (2020).

Traveling infuses me with new energy and increases my sense of being connected to a larger world. I believe that traveling and spending time in nature makes you a better person and truly enriches your life if you treat Mother Earth and all its inhabitants the way you want to be treated, with love and respect! 



Passionate about the African wilderness

As a nature and wildlife enthusiast at heart, I feel at home in the African Bush. It's where I feel most connected to nature, the people, and myself. Spending time in the wilderness, observing animals in their natural habitat, forces me to be in the moment because - in the bush - you don't know what the next minute will bring. Being so close to nature makes me feel humble, alive, and free. I understood my place in the world again and the important role we must play in maintaining our precious natural balance.

Photography is my anchor to slow down & connect to nature

In this busy world, we live in, I use my photography as an anchor to slow down and mindfully (re)connect to nature by observing and capturing our natural world from the heart, creating imagery that represents our wild nature and the true essence of life. Because in the end, we are all connected. Therefore it concerns me how we treat the world and each other due to that increasingly lost connection. Think of endangered animals due to wildlife crimes and the impact on our environment due to f/e littering or treating people without respect.

Only together we can make our planet a better place!

I hope this 'Wild Heart' image collection is an inspiration to appreciate the natural world we are fortunate to live in, to keep that nature connection, and to take good care of ourselves, others, and our planet. I believe in integrity, equality, courage, and looking after the Earth with RESPECT in the broadest sense of the word.

By purchasing a fine art print you're making a difference too as I will donate 10% to nature conservation.



Wild Heart, The Collection

The Wild Heart Collection represents the ongoing journey of finding my own path into the wild, restoring that connection, and finding meaning as the road twists and turns to the unexpected. Gaining knowledge of how the world works and the different perspectives it holds. Photography gives me a chance to look at something from 360 degrees. It's about the sorting and piecing of images to create that bigger picture. Expanding my horizons, facing fears, following my soul's purpose, and living my dreams.

The Wild Heart Collection tells my story of feeling at home in the African bush and being grateful for watching life unfold in front of me while learning about ecosystems and how everything lives in perfect harmony; in a circle of life that creates a deeper understanding of the way we are meant to co-exist with the wilderness, its wildlife and the plants and trees that live within it. A wild heart with a curious mind, connecting with Mother Nature in a creative way to capture our wild nature as I see it with my heart.

Looking at ART can improve well-being

I believe that art created from the heart is very powerful to restore that lost connection with ourselves and nature. Research shows that even looking at art can improve your mental health and well-being.

I hope you find peace of mind in front of my artwork. Let this Wild Heart Collection be an inspiration to (re)connect to yourself and nature in order to live a fuller life.

With love,