With my wildlife images, I hope to spread awareness about the importance of contributing to wildlife conservation. As a FGASA accredited apprentice Field Guide and wildlife & nature lover, I aim to give back to the local communities and fund conservation initiatives that help to preserve & protect Africa's stunning wilderness.

Education is a powerful tool for long-term change

In the past, I studied to become a Geography teacher. Today, I still have this natural love of teaching. As a safari guide, I also learned to teach guests about wildlife & birdlife, plants, trees, and all things nature. I strongly believe that education is a very powerful tool for long-term change to protect our wildlife from extinction.

Recently, I went to the Maasai Mara in Kenya to get trained as an apprentice safari guide by EcoTraining. I feel fortunate to be able to travel and study. However, I also realize that many people in the local communities who live in close proximity to the wildlife reserves we tourists visit, sadly can't afford proper education because of poverty. 

Kim Paffen learning for safari guide in Kenya with EcoTraining


Since one of the problems regarding wildlife crimes in National Parks en Reserves lies within the surrounding communities as a way to earn money and maintain their families, they should benefit from tourism more. That's why I think it's important to give back to the communities in the form of education and career opportunities in guiding or wildlife conservation. Once they learn, they can be an example for others and teach them the importance of co-existing with the wilderness too.

Every animal, big or small, plays an important role in the ecosystems. Our planet needs them, we need them. What would Africa be without Rhinos, Elephants, and Lions? Did you -for example- know that the White Rhino population in Kruger National Park dropped to a shocking 3529 White Rhinos? And that there are more than 3841 African rhinos poached between 2017 and 2021? The sad truth!

Supporting women as pioneers for a better future

As a female photographer and apprentice field guide myself, I love to focus on women empowerment by supporting driven women in the local communities to become guides or rangers as pioneers for a better future and to get a better understanding of the way we are meant to co-exist with the wilderness.

10% to EcoTraining, Leader in Safari Guide & Wildlife Training

For each print being sold, I will therefore donate 10% of the net proceeds to EcoTraining to benefit the important work they're doing in educating and training people in the local communities and by extension protecting our wildlife.

I did my guide training with this Pioneer and Leader in Safari Guide & Wildlife Training and they offer a lot of support in various local communities in African countries like Kenya and South Africa. They train for example two Black Mamba ladies per year. The Black Mambas is an all-women Anti Poaching Unit. EcoTraining also selects ambitious individuals in local communities and with the help of fundraisers (like my Wild Heart fundraising), they get a chance on education, mentorship, and internship opportunities.

EcoTraining Logo


EcoTraining training women to become a member of Black Mambas Anti Poaching Unit


Image by Christoff Els 

You can make a difference too!

I hope my images of the Wild Heart Collection will be a small reminder of lives worth saving. If you purchase one of my images, you will make a difference too as I will donate 10% of the net proceeds to EcoTraining.

Would you like to donate a bigger amount to speed up education, mentorship and internship opportunities for driven and ambitious women in the local communities to become guides or rangers as pioneers for a better future? That's wonderful and very much appreciated. Email me at info@kimpaffen.com