Art is a very personal thing. If you’re passionate about a piece, go for it! That excitement has a big effect when decorating because your enthusiasm shows through the way you highlight those room accents.

How to find the perfect combination of prints for your space?

The prints of the Wild Heart Collection can not only stand alone as a feature point of your room but work together in pairs to create a visual story that can cast a unique atmosphere across your space. My black and white wildlife images are perfect for pairing, but it's also nice to add a colorful print to them. Finding the right balance of color and tones can help you to create a specific atmosphere in your space. 



Create pairs

If your room is already quite full and has darker tones, you could choose two light-toned and not-too-busy images hanging next to each other. Contrasts can work as well.




If you have an open space with big white walls and not very much furniture could be the perfect opportunity to create some contrast and a distinct visual element to help bring a controlled ambiance into the space.

With two large prints, you can really make a statement. Regardless of tone, you can go a long way just by choosing the theme and style of the prints. Contrast can be a key factor.



Position and size of the artwork

Where to position my artwork? 

Almost anywhere in a room is ideal, but a good thing to consider is what you want that particular art piece to accomplish. Is it your favorite masterpiece? Then you most likely want it somewhere it gets noticed immediately, like in the center of an accent wall. Above a fireplace is another spot where people tend to look when they walk into a room.




What size should I buy?

That’s up to your own vision. Many interior decorators recommend that the piece of art occupies about two-thirds to three-quarters the size of your furniture. Large art tends to get noticed more than smaller pieces. When it comes to height, it’s customary to hang art at eye level. That’s usually between 1.5 and 2 meters from the floor.



Photo Gallery Wall

Large, open areas are a perfect opportunity to add a gallery wall to a room. A grouping of photographs that contains many different pieces. The easiest way to start a gallery wall is by placing the center photo on the wall and working out from there. Every size and form is possible, from square to horizontal and everything in-between with as many pieces as you want to tell your own story!